Open Source and Due Diligence – How to ‘out’ potential corruption and fraud

I little bit of OSINT and Due Diligence checking and the following would be evident………….

First Question………..Who is this supplier, Ayanda Capital Ltd?

Behind this lies a Govt Adviser to Liz Truss and the Board of Trade…..Andrew Mills.

Since March 2020 he is also been the Adviser to Ayanda Capital Ltd.

In Feb 2019 Andrew Mills and his wife incorporated a company called Prospermill Ltd No 11807105. It remained dormant and filed no accounts…..then on 11/04/20 the company registered as a preferred supplier of PPE via the Govt Portal. Timing!

The Govt have stated that their £150m deal for the PPE was with Ayanda and it was Prospermill who did the deal with a Chinese factory to supply the FFP2 masks. It looks like Prospermill and Ayanda contracted to facilitate the overseas deal……there must be some financial benefit to all parties?

Neither Ayanda or Prospermill have any background in supplying PPE.
The PPE does not meet the Govt spec.

1/ Where is the transparency in this process when it appears to have been well engineered from within?
2/ How is a Govt Adviser and his wife able to do private deals with a Chinese factory?
3/ Where was the due diligence in this whole process
4/ Competitive tenders….none apparently?
5/ Has Andrew Mills ever disclosed his involvement or rewards for this little trade deal from within?

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Andrew Mills

Guardian article 07/08/20 that followed the story

“Whether doling out lucrative contracts, helping billionaire property developers cut costs, or handing out lifetime seats in the House of Lords, the guiding principle seems to be brazen cronyism, coupled with the arrogance of those who believe they are untouchable and that rules are for little people.

This week came word of at least £156m of taxpayers’ money wasted on 50 million face masks deemed unsuitable for the NHS. They were bought from a private equity firm through a company that had no track record of producing personal protective equipment – or indeed anything for that matter – and that had a share capital of just £100. But this company, Prospermill, had a crucial asset. It was co-owned by one Andrew Mills, adviser to the government, staunch Brexiteer and cheerleader for international trade secretary, Liz Truss.

Somehow Prospermill managed to persuade the government to part with £252m, boasting that it had secured exclusive rights over a PPE factory in China. Just one problem. The masks it produced use ear loops, when only masks tied at the head are judged by the government to be suitable for NHS staff. If the government wanted to spend £156m on masks for the nation’s kids to play doctors and nurses, this was a great deal. But in the fight against a pandemic, it was useless”.


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